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Every day since our foundation in 1991, we have enabled our clients to add value to their communications objectives. The work that we deliver, founded on our core values of quality, excellence and exceptional customer service, has a proven track record over the last three decades for clients that operate at the highest, most demanding levels of corporate communications.

Across the years, we have embraced and managed the changing world of news media, supporting our clients as they navigate this transformation, to achieve their own objectives.  At our core, we believe fundamentally in the strength and power of human expertise, whilst harnessing the potential that technology can bring to all of our endeavours.

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From the start of your working day your customised Press Data service equips you with all you need to know to manage your communication requirements, with support and tools continuously available throughout the 24-hour news cycle

Creative Scotland

Press Data have provided us with a first-rate monitoring service over a number of years. Our reading brief is complex, with multiple search terms split across several categories. Despite this, the coverage we receive is accurate, delivered on time and – really importantly – backed up by an account management team who go the extra mile to resolve any queries or requests as quickly as possible.

Jacqueline Munro – Media Relations and PR Coordinator

NHS Lothian

Press Data provided us with invaluable advice on how to restructure our monitoring service to minimise licensing costs. They then implemented this, creating a hybrid system combining full coverage access for core members of the team with detailed human-written summaries of key stories circulated to senior stakeholders. This approach has enabled us to distribute coverage widely whilst avoiding unnecessary licence fees.

– Judith Mackay – Director of Communications, Engagement and Public Affairs

Nucleus Financial

We worked closely with Press Data to create a focused monitoring service based on very specific search terms and sources. With content checked and approved by real humans, this has created a must-read daily briefing which is highly valued across the business. Having switched from an automated provider, the bespoke nature of Press Data’s services and their genuine commitment to meeting the needs of the client is hugely impressive.

– Linda Harper – Head of Public Relations

University of Strathclyde

Press Data provide a monitoring service that is accurate, reliable and really flexible in terms of making changes to search terms or recipients. The coverage they supply keeps the media team and senior stakeholders aware of all important stories relating to the University. The account management team are always quick to action any queries and proactively seek to improve the service, for example by suggesting an online tool to enable key content to be selected and distributed internally.

– Stuart Forsyth – Corporate Communications Manager

Scottish Funding Council

We are longstanding customers of Press Data and really value the quality and reliability of the monitoring service. The account management team are hugely supportive, making briefing changes and responding to queries immediately. Press Data also provide us with great insight into licensing, regularly cross-checking user lists to ensure these are consistent. They also implemented a split service whereby the communications team have full access to content but use an online tool to select which items are sent to internal stakeholders. This helps us to keep colleagues informed of relevant news whilst minimising licence fees.

– Stephen Crowe – Assistant Director, Communications

Department for Transport

The daily monitoring service is critical to us as we need to be across all transport-related news first thing in the morning. Our reading brief is complicated, with multiple keywords across different categories and separate national and regional summaries supplied daily. Switching provider to Press Data was completely painless – their expert team worked closely with us to understand our requirement then design and implement the service. As part of this they created different user tiers based on access requirements and advised on FT licensing to ensure print content can be accessed by key colleagues.

– James Cox – Chief Press Officer

Electoral Commission

Press Data provides an effective and reliable monitoring service that helps us to keep track of our coverage and mentions every day. They cover a wide range of sources and the real-time alerts are really helpful in monitoring breaking news.

– Orla Hennessy – Media Relations & Communications Manager

Tata Steel

You can only manage what you measure, so having a professional service from Press Data  that allows us to see what is working for us in terms of our impact on key stakeholders, through our press engagement activity, is absolutely critical to developing our media strategy and core narrative.

– Tim Rutter – Head of Public Relations

Virgin Group

Press Data quickly understood our needs as a multi-sector multi-market business, providing us with tailored reports, ensuring actionable insights to all our stakeholders. The delivery of data and insights has been accurate and seamless, while the team is very responsive and always there to support on any ad hoc queries we might have.

Northumbrian Water

Press Data are great at what they do and provide an essential service for fast-paced and target driven communication teams like ourselves. Their attention to detail and ability to handle any request, all while managing to be super responsive and offer an amazing customer service is the reason why we class them as a close partner. Their analysis reports are easy to understand and provide the exact information we need to build our plans around.

– Jonathan Bargh – External Communications Manager

Chatham House

The press office at Chatham House and a number of the different communications teams at Chatham House all regularly use Future News from Press Data to help plan their content.

It’s a tool that assists us to keep up to date on upcoming events, strategize much effectively and it saves us precious time.

– Stuart Coles – Head of Media

Virgin Group – Real Time News

Press Data’s Real Time News service provides 24/7 human monitoring across the sources most relevant to us, ensuring we are always across key coverage relating to Virgin Group. In addition, we are able to request more in-depth searches at short notice, drilling deeper into content to get a feel for wider reach and sentiment. With multiple brands operating across several continents, this flexibility is hugely important.

Managing reputation is a critical element of our communications function and Press Data news alerts play a significant supporting role in this. In a world increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence and automation, it is great to know that a dedicated team of expert researchers is always working on our behalf and on hand to respond to any queries or requests.

– Charlotte Sjoberg – Communications Director, UK and Corporate Affairs Director, Virgin Red

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

The thing that stands out most to me about what Press Data do for us, is the overall excellent quality of their service and how responsive they are. Any requests for adjustments or additions are dealt with extremely quickly, which means we can always be responding to changes internally and externally. We also work with some quite complex concepts and niche terminology within financial regulation, which Press Data appreciate and regularly ask for feedback and suggestions on how things can be improved.

– Emma Barrow, Head of Communications

People’s Postcode Lottery

We are a unique organisation, so we need a bespoke approach to monitoring and analysing our media coverage. Press Data delivers exactly that. Daily digests and breaking news alerts are comprehensive and expertly curated to meet our specific requirements. Media analysis is strong and genuinely insightful. We value our relationship with Press Data, not least because of the ability to speak to a real human being when we have a question or need additional support.

– David Miller, Head of Communications